FAQs – for the Enthusiasts

Want to know more about our Adjustable Fly Screens that protect your family, pets and belongings - safeguarding the things your love most?

Below we address some of the most common questions we have received from our Happy Customers to date on our adjustable window screens.

What are your fly screens made from?

Our adjustable window screens are made from of blend of metal and aluminium. It is super light and very strong. The fly screen itself is comprised of a thin wire mesh which is virtually invisible once installed. They are currently the highest quality frames on the market (we have looked, allot), made for convenience built to last.

Will this work for any window?

Sadly not every window can achieve Happiness this easily, but most can! ☺ Our fly screens are intended for sash window only the sort that slides up and down. They will fit any sash window measuring between 50cm - 92.5cm (20inch - 36.5inch) in width. Please go to our How It Works page for more information.

Who is really (!) in charge?

Our Managing Director, Butters, shown on here.

Is the window screen height adjustable?

Nope. The height is fixed at 40cm (15.75inch), though realistically most of us here in the UK never open our window much higher. We are hoping to be able to offer additional height and width combinations in the future, as well as solutions for non-sash windows, to spread the happiness to even more windows here in the UK.

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