What's Lurking Outside Your Window?

The world is full of creepy crawlers, which have no business in your home. Our adjustable fly screen protects your family, pets and belongings – safeguarding the things you love the most.

Things that belong outside, Happy Window keeps outside!
Things that belong inside, Happy Window keeps inside!

What do we keep outside?
What do we keep inside?
  • Flying insects: blood-thirsty mosquitoes and buzzing flies.
  • Moths: jumper munching vandals.
  • Spiders: have you seen how big these things get?!
  • Bugs: other assorted creepy crawlies.
  • Small rodents: mice and rats (not the kind from Ratatouille).
  • Birds: it really happens!
  • Dust: reduces dust and airborne particulates in the house.
  • Small pets: cats, little dogs and other small pets, such as, pigmy goats.
  • Flying dishware: pissed off someone in the family?!
  • Happiness: serenity, comfort and a peace of mind.


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