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Adjustable Fly Screens for Sash Windows

Welcome to your Home of Happiness !

Our adjustable Fly Screens protect your family, your pets and your belongings - safeguarding the things you love most. Making it your reliable shield against unwanted passage through an open window. See it as the Gandalf (“you shall not pass”) of home fundamentals.

We all want and deserve more happiness in our lives. A big part of that happiness comes from a stress-free home.

Happy Window Sash Window Fly Screens :

Our adjustable fly screens protect you and your family from spiders, mosquitos, flies, moths, small rodents and large dust particles within the house.

It also protects your pets by preventing them from accidentally falling out of the window while hunting down a bird, or vice versa, keeping your bird safe from certain stealthy predators.

The only thing your windows want to do is to keep you, your family and your pets comfortable and safe, while letting you enjoy the wonders of the outdoor.



Happy Window Adjustable Fly Screen
£ 19.99 each
Cat Prevent your pets from accidentally falling out of a window Fly Block buzzing flies from flying around the living room
Spider Stop spiders from creeping into your home Moth Avoid moths eating into your favourite clothes
Mosquito Avoid mosquitoes from entering your bedroom Dust Protect your house from large dust particles
Rodent Deter small rodents from sneaking into your kitchen Zombie

Ward off brain-eating zombies in case of a zombie pandemic

About Happy Window

Happy Windows was set up by two friends that are passionate about stress-free homes and happy pets. We offer the highest quality (aluminium) adjustable window screens currently on the UK market; made to last and designed for convenience.

You do not need any tools. No Hassle, No Fuss Just position your Happy Window fly screen on your window and adjust the width by sliding it. Now you can enjoy a piece of mind for years to come.

Breath in the Fresh air without having to worry about spiders creeping in your house, hear the sound of the trees without having to fear that your pet will frantically fall out of a window and enjoy a good night sleep without having to worry about pesky mosquitoes.

Sash window adjustable fly screen                              

Welfare & Measurements

We believe our window screens will help to keep your pets safe. As animal lovers, we like to play a part in helping out and hope you find our adjustable window screens helpful.

Happy Window is made for sash windows. It is the kind that slides up and down. Our screens measure 40cm (15.75inch) in height and expand-collapse to fit any sash window - 50cm to 92.5cm(20inch to 36.5inch) in width, creating the perfect protection.

Happy window helping  your pets !

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