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Happy Window Adjustable Fly Screen for Sash Windows

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One size fits all  - The window screen measurements are  - 40cm (Height) x 50-92.5cm (Width) • and in inches - 15.75 inches (Height) x 20-36.5 inches (Width)

We offer the highest quality adjustable window screens on the market.
Designed especially for you - to help your windows instantly achieve their full potential and you transform your home.

Measuring 40cm (15.75 inches) in height your window screens expand / collapse to fit any sash window 50 cm - 92.5cm (20 inches - 36.5 inches) in width, creating a bug tight protection. Just slide our adjustable window screens into place and enjoy a piece of mind season after season, due to their strong yet light-weight construction.

Let the wonderful fresh air into your home while keeping bugs, spiders, small rodents, mosquitoes and other scary things where they belong. Outside! And your pet, inside!

The window screen is made from 2 aluminium frames, both of which contain fine mesh to stop unwanted visitors. The screens are secured with four clips that allow each screen to slide, in order to fit the desired window width.

If you have any questions about our screens, please get in contact and we'll be happy to assist.

No tools, no fuss and no mess.
No hassle, no worries, no stress.

 Deliveries UK mainland only - Royal Mail or other Courier will be used.
 Not living in the UK? Send us an e-mail, we’ll figure it out.
 Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery.

• Please note no windows are included, just an adjustable sash window screen, pictures are for demonstration purposes.

Please remember to measure your window opening, to ensure that the window screen fits your window.


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