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HappyWindow Screen Stories: What people are saying about

“At last I can open my windows and relax! It’s so much easier to enjoy the fresh air knowing my pets are safe and I’m keeping bugs out of my home, especially with a new baby! Fabulous!” Anonymous, Clapham

“I just opened my adjustable fly screens and am thrilled! They are so simple to install and take out! Extremely effective too! Brilliant! I would recommend (and have) to any/everyone with sash windows!”  Sara, Notting Hill

“We are so happy with our adjustable window screens from! Finally! We can open the windows when it’s nice and not worry about our cats jumping out! I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to find you.”  Alayne, London & New York

“It is so nice to open the windows when I’m cooking without getting a house full of bugs” Ken, Hammersmith 

“I was shocked when I first moved here from America to learn NO ONE in London seems to have window screens or fly screens. Why not? There are still bugs here! Have you seen how big a house spider is!?! Thank you!” –T., Kensington

“What a great idea! So simple, so effective, so helpful!” Matt, Wimbledon

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